8 Must-Have Amenities in Manufactured Home Communities


You’ll Find These Great Amenities in Manufactured Home Communities

Manufactured home communities are among the many housing options that your family has, and they offer benefits that traditional apartment complexes do not. These are spaces that are detached from other units but that still form a managed community, unlike a separate rental house where resources like maintenance and management help could be some distance away.

A growing percentage of manufactured home communities offer rentals now instead of just purchasing options, and many communities are all-ages, meaning they allow people of any age to live there instead of restricting residents to being above a certain age. If your family needs to rent a home, a manufactured home community may hold the solution. When you visit one, look for these 8 amenities.

Both Laundry Hookups and a Laundry Room

Look for both hookups in the home and a community laundry room. Hookups, of course, allow you to bring in your own machines and avoid competing for machines with other residents. You also want the option of a community room in case you can’t afford machines of your own or in case they need repair. There’s no sense in making yourself trek over to a laundromat that could be miles away.

Great, Well-Lit Landscaping

Manufactured home communities may also be called mobile home parks, but that doesn’t mean they have to live up to the stereotype of the neglected park. Many communities offer professionally maintained landscaping with excellent lighting at night. Look for this as it’s a sign that management is actively caring for the property. Plus, a clean landscape is a morale-booster when you’re having a bad day.

Off-Street Parking

This is a big one: You want at least one off-street space for your car. A covered spot next to the home is ideal, but any reserved spot that ensures you have a place to put your car – even in a central lot on the property – solves a lot of tension. You also want the park to have some sort of guest/visitor parking, too.

Community Recreation Facilities

Be it a park, a library, a basketball court, a community swimming pool, or what have you, you want that park to have some sort of recreation facility for its residents. This gives bored kids something to do and lets adults blow off steam without having to travel too far away from home. More than one recreation facility is better than having only one, of course.

Working Security Measures

No security measure is perfect, of course, but you want some indication that the management is concerned about keeping you safe. Each exterior door on the home should have at least the minimum number and type of locks required by the state (e.g., that back door needs a deadbolt, too), door viewers, excellent property lighting, and possibly security gates and a security guard system. And all these measures should work consistently; be wary of the perpetually broken parking lot gate, for example.

On-site Maintenance

On-site maintenance crews, especially those available 24/7, offer faster response times when you have an emergency repair request. Less time spent in travel means more time for fixing things around the complex, so more repair issues can be taken care of each day.

Allowing Pets

Pets usually become part of your family; it’s rare now to find someone who thinks of their pet as just an animal, and it’s devastating when you have to move and can’t take your pet with you. And if you don’t have a pet now, what if you want to get one later? Finding a community that allows pets eliminates the problems of losing and never getting a pet.

Ascentia manages several manufactured home communities in seven states. These homes have updated appliances, windows, and more, and offer quiet family living in tight-knit communities. Find your community today with help from Ascentia’s staff and begin a new chapter in your life.

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